When the Body Calls by Martha Cinader

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When the Body Calls
by Martha Cinader
Writers and Readers 1999

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This book is a vessel/holding liquid for thirsty desirers/in the empty spiral of the universe/where detail is opinion/one moment is all it takes to answer/when the body calls. This book is just one answer in a life of calling.

The storyteller lives inside the breath of home. Whatever home is chosen, whatever breth is owned. The desirer takes the moment we're in and stretches out its every wrinkle. In the folds are new horizons, exploding the every day, line by line-inwards, so the shards are sort of slo-mo in their entry into gravity...We're brought into the world of the writer. Storytelling becomes a cycle within the writing, returning us to the beginning, where the ending is: "there is so much to do / and so much I am leaving undone." This is just one aspect of Martha Cinader's life. A complex desire for simplicity, which takes time and explodes it, line by line.
-from the foreward by Edwin Torres