Evironmental Terrorists | Brighter Future for LULU by Bob Cowan

Brighter Future for LULU
a poem for Vallejo
By Bob Cowan
© Bob Cowan 2002

You. That's right. I'm talking to you.
Are you going to just sit there? Okay.
Maybe he's right. Maybe you are dumb.
Maybe you really are too dumb to know
he's talking about you. Talking about
how you don't got no education. How you
don't make as much as you should. How
you are getting old. How you have lived
here too long. How you are probably too lazy
to vote. How you won't put up a fight.
That's right. He's talking about you.
And he thinks you are... Perfect. And you
are too dumb, flattered or smitten to care.

What do you think? It's your good fortune?
Your unbelievable good looks? Mere
coincidence? Or he did his homework?
Heard you were desperate? Thought
you might be easy? And now you are
so happy for the attention. For the promises.
You want to believe. Everything he tells you.
That his reputation doesn't matter. That he
will change for you. That you can trust him.
And so you sneak around. A year and a half now.
Even though your two beautiful daughters, Glynda
and Lerecia, have tried to stop you. Tried to
tell you. You are ruining your life. Your reputation.
Your future. Are at risk of losing their love.

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