Evironmental Terrorists | Environmental Terrorists by Juanita J. Martin 30

Environmental Terrorists
by Juanita J. Martin
©Juanita J. Martin 2002

Why do you seek to destroy us? Wasn't 9/11 enough?
Look at this world and the shape its in.
Factories hover over us with black clouds;
Oil gets dumped in water.
The ozone is depleted daily.

You are only interested in lining your pockets,
Not in the devastation that reigns in the city.
Corporate moguls hide inside cushy offices,
Planning yet another travesty.
Outside, we fight to take another breath.

This is not a tourist attraction.
We don't share in your corrupt vision.
What does our future look like?
Donning a gas mask and chemical suit to go to work?
Don't forget the potential genocide!

If hate doesn't kill us, pollution surely will.
Humans are not commodities, nor expendable.
Think about your children; How will they survive?
Will their deformities be a constant reminder of our ignorance?
We all must band together to live, as we fight these environmental terrorists.

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