Evironmental Terrorists | The Farmers' Market by Yvette Obias 31

The Farmers' Market
by Yvette Obias
©Yvette Obias 2002

I walk along the Farmers' Market in Vallejo,
Young and old, a multitude of cultures gathering,
Squeezing vegetables,
Smelling fruits,
Listening to the sounds of Jamaican reggae.
They enjoy the sunshine and smiles
Given to all on a Saturday morning.

Farmers from all walks of life
Proudly display their fruitful efforts.
Making a living to nourish the smiling folks.
They ask for a dollar here, 50 cents there,
But always with a smile and warm heart,
Which are given freely and frequently.

A few blocks away, close to the Bay,
Mothers and daughters,
Lovers and friends,
Walk and skate and run along the concrete,
Watching the sun either
Rise or set against the backdrop of
Historical architecture.
Architecture that made Vallejo famous in the Bay Area.

Bechtel-Shell wants to come inside
To test some sites for positive locations,
To build beautiful modern glass architecture;
Beautiful to the eyes of the beholder.
Inside the modern glass structure
Lies something even more sinister than realized:
An ugly monstrosity of Natural lies,
Harboring, festering on the shores of the Bay.
LNG has no place in the Farmers' Market.

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