Evironmental Terrorists | The Price of Land by Tony Mims 20

The Price of Land
by Tony Mims
©Tony Mims 2002

The value of land over the value of life
the equation has never come out right.
Peoples' lives get lost in greed.
The oil companies have always held the people hostage,
withholding natural resources for profit,
controlling the many so they can have plenty.
Raping the land
fouling the air
do you think they care
about our mother earth?
Only for what they think she's worth.
The people get played in the end.
Padding the politicians' pockets with gold
in turn they sell your soul.
And the quality of life diminishes
as the towers of civil pipes pumps death
into the veins of mother earth as she slowly dies
right before your eyes.
And we stand back watching her demise
protecting our assets.
We are very much to blame
when we do nothing to change
or challenge the onslaught of destruction.
Don't let them build another unnatural
energy production plant
just a few miles from your home.
Don't you think that's a little too close
to what you value the most?
Your woman, your man, your house, your car, your kids, your dreams, and yes your life.

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