Evironmental Terrorists | Untitled by Lawrence Festin 44

you want to lower the value of all our property?
if nobody wants it then how can this be a democracy?
does anybody follow me?
let's show our animosity
towards this monopoly
that's causing me
and you not to live in harmony
so my occupation
is to stop this abomination
we must stick together like condensation
this problem deserves our concentration
it should be getting mass acclaim
or do you want to get showered with acid rain?
and see our community fast in pain
our loss is twice their gain
i don't want to see mare island
transformed to a three mile island
so lets stop the silence
and start reading and writing
like we're constantly fighting
like a man versus the titans
so if you don't want pollution then it's time to start deciding
so everybody say no
and smash their plans like play dough
only if we say so
we can tell bechtel and shell to get the hell out of vallejo

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