Evironmental Terrorists | Untitled by Cedric G. Jones II 45

by Cedric G. Jones II
© Cedric G. Jones II

Is it Bechtel and Shell, Trying to make Vallejo a living hell?
Have us breathing in un-described gasses.
Don't they know?
Right across the Napa River lives residential masses.
I see the true reason they're breaching this territory.
It's mostly minorities in this area;
But that's another story.
With it being so close to the people,
Where's the logic?

If in the end the votes turn equal
You can believe there's going to be a never-ending sequel.
Talking about they need economical analysis
and descriptions
Where's the pad and pen so we can petition?
Saying they need to boost the income
Like there's not a safer way to do that and then some.
They wanna jeopardize safety and health
All it ever boils down to is personal wealth
With plans to make big money
Like they don't know Vallejo's the 15th fastest
growing business city in the country.

I guess I'm going to end it on this note.
Let's stop the Bechtel and Shell hell with the final vote.

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