Real Dreams Really Make a Difference

by Martha J. Cinader copyright 1995

Did You Know?

  • Queen Mella was an ancient African Queen.

  • Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Newt Gingrich, wrote his dissertation on King Leopold of Belgium.

  • Hypatia succeeded to the head of the School of Plato and was flayed alive in the streets of ALexandria.

  • Josephine Baker was a secret agent for the French Underground during WWII.

  • George Orwell narrowly escaped rotting in a Spanish jail.

  • Sacajawea was the only woman who traveled with Lewis and Clark's expedition, and carried her baby the whole way.

  • Nicola Tesla was the real inventor of the radio.

    Not included in the volume:

  • Helen Keller wrote about seeing, speaking, and living in her dreams.

  • Philipp Reis was the real inventor of the telephone.
  • Reviews:
    "Cinader's use of language is so seductive and her rhythmic, rapping voice so caressing, that you really don't want her to stop." - Catherine Fellows, The Scotsman

    "Martha Cinader has the rare ability and talent to bring ancient tales to life for contemporary readers and audiences. If history classes had been this witty and bright, I would have paid more attention." - Merlin Stone, author of When God Was a Woman and Ancient Mirrors of Womanhood

    "...a hip beatnick Sesame Street for grown-ups." - Neil Cooper, The List

    Performance Highlights: Edinburgh Festival Fringe '95, APAP Theater Conference '95, WBAI Radio NY, BBC Radio and TV London, Scot FM Edinburgh, B. Dalton Bookstore, Barnes and Noble Bookstore, Audrey Cohen College, The Nightingale Bamford School, The Collegiate School, Hamilton Fish Public Library, Hospital Audiences Inc., St. Marks Poetry Project, Albuquerque Library System-NM