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Today’s Harvest

Onion chives, green tomatoes, jalapeños,tarragon, strawberries, dried jalapeño and banana peppers, banana peppers, poblano peppers, bell peppers, fresh figs

I was catching up on weeding today, and harvesting things at the same today.
I was catching up on weeding today, and harvesting things at the same time.

Spring Flowers

Tulips bloom along a strawberry lane.
Tulips bloom along a strawberry lane.


Count me among the millions who can’t resist the sight of a beautiful flower. Food comes from flowers, reason enough to love them. It is no superficial relationship that we have with these beauties. But beauty helps doesn’t it? Food for the eyes is nourishment for the Soul.

Yellow Jasmine Flowers
Yellow Jasmine Flowers





The speed of spring is overwhelming. One day the trees still look grey and drab. The next day there are hints of red and yellow and green. Then all of a sudden the trees are blocking my view of the neighbors, dogwoods are blooming, and I didn’t, or couldn’t, observe it all happening. Buds and shoots appear all around. Patches of grass go from brown to green. Asparagus and stevia and mint reappear like magic from the ground. It’s almost impossible to keep track of, but the flowers really steel the show, tantalizing us with the hope, (never really a promise,) of cherries and strawberries, blueberries, nectarines and artichokes. Continue reading Spring Flowers

My Winter Garden

Buddha meditates, surrounded by moss and parsley.

I like living in the upstate of South Carolina. We get four seasons, but winter is mild. It can be drab though. Our mostly hardwood trees just look grey and naked and forlorn in the winter time. We had a warmish weekend, and I stepped out to pull some weeds on Saturday. It’s been so warm this winter that the bulbs are coming up early, and I saw a few flowers already on my strawberries.

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